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Polaklin potassium Kyron (disintegrant)

Potracin Potassium (KYRONTM) Kyron T-314 is derived from a crosslinked polymer of a polycarboxylic acid according to USP / NF and is present as a K + ion. It is a very pure polymer which is used as a super fast disintegrant in pharmaceutical formulations, as a dissolution improver in solid dosage forms such as tablets, capsules, pills and the like. It is a white free-flowing powder, so it is suitable for wet granulation and direct compression processes for tablet preparation.
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Super disintegrant KyronT-314 Suitable for dispersible tablets

As a disintegrator:
Kyron T-314 has a very high tendency to hydrate hydration when in contact with water or G.I. fluid. A fluid that causes rapid disintegration without forming agglomerates, thus acting as an effective tablet superdisintegrant. The usual amount is 0.5%~4.0% for rapid disintegration.

As a solubilizer:
Kyron T-314 breaks down the tablets into very small particles, thus increasing the effective surface area of the absorbent active, thus increasing the dissolution and bioavailability of the active. The usual amount is 2.0%~6.0%.

•Eliminate tablet disintegration
•Good compatibility with most APIs and excipients
•Give the tablet excellent hardness
•Eliminate sticking problems between the mold and the punch
•Improve the bioavailability of drugs
•Mix evenly with low dose tablet mixes or formulations
•Suitable for direct compression and wet granulation methods

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