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The 2nd National Medical and Health Science Innovation Conference: Innovation and Technology Leading Development

The 2nd National Medical and Health Science Innovation Conference: Innovation and Technology Leading Development

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Recently, the news about the 2nd National Medical and Health Science and Technology Innovation Conference will be held in Beijing on January 17-18, 2019. According to the organizer Puren Union (Beijing) International Health Management Co., Ltd. and the organizer of the National Research Institute of Beijing International Medicine Research Institute, the conference will focus on "innovation and technology to lead development, build a strong medical and health country, and build a community of human health destiny. "This theme carries out in-depth exchanges within the industry, promotes the flow of talents, and the promotion of Chinese medicine culture at home and abroad.

At such a peak event in the industry, if you are fortunate enough to be judged as a talented person, you can be incorporated into the history of the alliance, set up an international expert tour group, and you can go international to promote the essence of Chinese medicine. At the same time, the purpose of the conference is to hope to take this opportunity to promote the formulation and implementation of Chinese medicine standards, and to regulate and assist the security and development of folk secret recipes. Focus on creating scientific and technological innovation enterprises to be selected as honorary candidates, and authorize the meeting to designate brands to promote development; landing national famous doctors, famous drugs, and famous enterprise alliance plans to achieve online and offline interactions.

Of course, since the venue of the conference was originally set at the Great Hall of the People's Government of the Central People's Government, but due to state visits, meetings, etc., it is now moved to the West International Trade Hotel, but all the original application standards remain unchanged – no matter what Participants are still individuals, products and enterprises, all of them are unconditionally placed in accordance with the following specific requirements, providing all the documents required for regulatory approval.
For example, if the unit is required to submit a business license, a copy of the copy (with a red stamp), product description, product photos and product qualifications, the product without the batch number will be reviewed and checked by the general manager of the organizing committee. Make a unified arrangement; the unit legal person shall provide two copies of the ID card, four photos of the front half body, and the unit's paper materials and electronic version of the publicity materials, and submit them to the organizing committee. Personal registration is a bit simpler, just submit 2 copies of your ID card, half-length photo and personal autobiography. However, the quality requirements for individuals are that the research direction is in line with the development trend of science and technology or belongs to the national strategic emerging health industry. Chinese medicine professionals who are not more than 60 years old and have a long-term skill in the health field and have great love (enterprise technology talents can be free from job title restrictions, no academic requirements). It has achieved high-level innovative achievements, outstanding performance in its health industry or field, and has great potential for innovation and development, with a primary focus on research and development workers in the front line of health research. Has a strong scientific research leader and team organization management ability leader.
Secondly, enterprises and institutions that apply for special products for the conference need special products to refer to products that are superior to similar products and are representative and provide publicity and promotion products approved by the conference to countries along the country and along the “Belt and Road”. Require a letter of business license, copy of the copy (with red stamp), product batch number, product description, inspection certificate, electronic version of the promotion materials and relevant documents for the provision of special products, such as a copy of two ID cards Four half-length photos, etc.
It is worth mentioning that if the enterprise unit can successfully name this conference, it will enjoy the section of the Chinese Health Care Committee CHTV People Health Channel "Chinese Renyi", which will be titled to the national video broadcast.
In the course of thousands of years of development, Chinese medicine has continuously absorbed and integrated advanced science and technology and humanistic thoughts in various periods, constantly innovating and developing, the theoretical system has become more and more perfect, and the technical methods have become more abundant, forming distinctive features. In order to prevent the Chinese medicine industry from breaking down, in order to promote this national quintessence, the "Second National Medical and Health Science and Technology Innovation Conference" is based on the present, to understand the futu
Recently, the news about the 2nd National Medical and Health Science and Technology Innovation Conference will be held in Beijing on January 17-18, 2019. According to the organizer Puren Union (Beijing) International Health Management Co., Ltd. and the organizer of the National Research Institute of Beijing International Medicine Research Institute, the conference will focus on "innovation and technology to lead development, build a strong medical and health country, and build a community of human health destiny. "This theme carries out in-depth exchanges within the industry, promotes the flow of talents, and the promotion of Chinese medicine culture at home and abroad.
At such a peak event in the industry, if you are fortunate enough to be judged as a talented person, you can be incorporated into the history of the alliance, set up an international expert tour group, and you can go international to promote the essence of Chinese medicine. At the same time, the purpose of the conference is to hope to take this opportunity to promote the formulation and implementation of Chinese medicine standards, and to regulate and assist the security and development of folk secret recipes. Focus on creating scientific and technological innovation enterprises to be selected as honorary candidates, and authorize the meeting to designate brands to promote development; landing national famous doctors, famous drugs, and famous enterprise alliance plans to achieve online and offline interactions.
Of course, since the venue of the conference was originally set at the Great Hall of the People's Government of the Central People's Government, but due to state visits, meetings, etc., it is now moved to the West International Trade Hotel, but all the original application standards remain unchanged – no matter what Participants are still individuals, products and enterprises, all of them are unconditionally placed in accordance with the following specific requirements, providing all the documents required for regulatory approval.
For example, if the unit is required to submit a business license, a copy of the copy (with a red stamp), product description, product photos and product qualifications, the product without the batch number will be reviewed and checked by the general manager of the organizing committee. Make a unified arrangement; the unit legal person shall provide two copies of the ID card, four photos of the front half body, and the unit's paper materials and electronic version of the publicity materials, and submit them to the organizing committee. Personal registration is a bit simpler, just submit 2 copies of your ID card, half-length photo and personal autobiography. However, the quality requirements for individuals are that the research direction is in line with the development trend of science and technology or belongs to the national strategic emerging health industry. Chinese medicine professionals who are not more than 60 years old and have a long-term skill in the health field and have great love (enterprise technology talents can be free from job title restrictions, no academic requirements). It has achieved high-level innovative achievements, outstanding performance in its health industry or field, and has great potential for innovation and development, with a primary focus on research and development workers in the front line of health research. Has a strong scientific research leader and team organization management ability leader.
Secondly, enterprises and institutions that apply for special products for the conference need special products to refer to products that are superior to similar products and are representative and provide publicity and promotion products approved by the conference to countries along the country and along the “Belt and Road”. Require a letter of business license, copy of the copy (with red stamp), product batch number, product description, inspection certificate, electronic version of the promotion materials and relevant documents for the provision of special products, such as a copy of two ID cards Four half-length photos, etc.
It is worth mentioning that if the enterprise unit can successfully name this conference, it will enjoy the section of the Chinese Health Care Committee CHTV People Health Channel "Chinese Renyi", which will be titled to the national video broadcast.
In the course of thousands of years of development, Chinese medicine has continuously absorbed and integrated advanced science and technology and humanistic thoughts in various periods, constantly innovating and developing, the theoretical system has become more and more perfect, and the technical methods have become more abundant, forming distinctive features. In order to prevent the Chinese medicine industry from breaking down, in order to promote this national quintessence, the "Second National Medical and Health Science and Technology Innovation Conference" is based on the present, to understand the future, to pay tribute to the development of the people's livelihood and traditional Chinese medicine in the new era.