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Dozens of experts and well-known overseas Chinese in the field of medicine

Dozens of experts and well-known overseas Chinese in the field of medicine

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Modern biomedical innovation, how to find the right point and the foothold? On November 23, the 18th Huachuang Association Biomedical Special Session, dozens of experts and well-known overseas Chinese in the field of medicine gathered together to face the pain points and focus issues in biomedical innovation, and expressed their opinions and opinions. To make the "relief medicine" that benefits the people. In the new era, what is the new connotation of drug quality? What kind of medicine is the safe medicine in the hearts of the people? Professor Wu Zhiang, an expert member of the Drug Consistency Evaluation Committee of the State Food and Drug Administration, believes that since 2015, the state has intensively introduced seven important documents in drug supervision.
Modern biomedical innovation, how to find the right point and the foothold?
On November 23, the 18th Huachuang Association Biomedical Special Session, dozens of experts and well-known overseas Chinese in the field of medicine gathered together to face the pain points and focus issues in biomedical innovation, and expressed their opinions and opinions.
Do the "relief medicine" that benefits the people.
    In the new era, what is the new meaning of drug quality? What kind of medicine is the safe medicine in the hearts of the people?
Professor Wu Zhiang, an expert member of the Drug Conformity Evaluation Committee of the State Food and Drug Administration, believes that since 2015, the state has intensively issued seven important documents in drug supervision, and drug quality supervision has gradually evolved from “node-type approval management” to “enhanced whole process”. Management changes, the content of drug quality covers four major links: research and development, production, circulation and use.
"Either research and development, production, circulation, and use must be patient-centered in order to achieve the value transmission of drug quality."
Wu Zhiang said that the innovation of medical technology should always proceed from meeting the needs of the masses in order to make a real "safe medicine." He reminded pharmaceutical companies that the country has accelerated the import speed of foreign innovative pharmaceutical technologies. In the past, the myth of profit from imitation innovation will be ended, and original innovation must be carried out.
Deng Xiaochuan, director of the Provincial Drug Administration, said that the provincial party committee and the provincial government attach great importance to the drug safety and biomedical industries. For a long time, overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese have been eager to love and love their motherland, accelerating the training of professional and technical personnel and disseminating the theory of modern medicine. We have made fruitful contributions to improving the level of the pharmaceutical industry and enhancing international competitiveness. In the next step, the bureau will strictly abide by the safety safety bottom line, ensure the safety of people's medication, promote the development of the regulatory industry and the bio-pharmaceutical industry with a global vision and strategic vision, and strive to create a first-class environment and promote overseas Chinese and Chinese to work more extensively and closely with the province. Effective communication and cooperation.
Medical innovation makes it easier to see a doctor
"Medical innovation is to make it easier for people to seek medical treatment. Don't look at the disease for half a day."
Zhang Ming, president of the Wuhan Tongji Alumni Association of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, made an analogy to illustrate his point of view: in the past, by train, I had to take my luggage at the train station for a long time, and long queues to buy tickets to get on the train. Nowadays, online train tickets, when you get on the train, the people say it.
"Now go to the hospital to see a doctor, the results of a hospital test, other hospitals do not recognize." Zhang Ming said that information barriers between hospitals, information asymmetry in the process of medical treatment, is a key link for medical innovation must be opened. He believes that modern technology such as the Internet, artificial intelligence and big data can be used to establish a medical association to better serve the people.
Dr. Lu Jing, senior president of Penguin Almond Doctor, believes that at present, in the pain points of the medical service industry, the triage system is not perfect and the resource distribution is unbalanced. 7% of the tertiary hospitals carry 50% of the number of patients, and the first-level hospitals are not saturated, and the medical resources and needs are not fully connected.
Lu Jing revealed that they are relying on Tencent's Internet advantage to integrate online traffic and offline clinics, and to build a referral mechanism from chain clinics to testing centers to specialist hospitals to general hospitals to create a new medical complex in the Internet era. . Through this system, ordinary people can make online consultations, make appointments, and then take appropriate grades according to different diagnosis results. At present, the system has been deployed in 8 cities across the country, with more than 30 offline clinics and day surgery centers, and 430,000 doctors on the Internet can provide medical services.
Overseas Chinese bring back the concept of "standardization of Chinese medicine"
"Innovative development of modern Chinese medicine should introduce the concept of standardization." At the World TCM Innovation Project Promotion Conference, Song Chunxi of the Belgian Chinese Medicine Association shared his experience in practicing medicine in Europe and looking for partners.
Song Chunxi said that he went to Europe to promote Chinese medicine technology 20 years ago. At that time, there were only two Chinese acupuncturists in the Netherlands, but now there are more than 5,000. In the past 20 years, he has opened five Chinese medicine chain stores in Europe and also taught 12 foreign apprentices. In 2015, he used the "massage shoot" invented by Chinese medicine massage technology and patented it in Europe, which is an innovative clinical treatment method.
Song Chunxi invented the "massage shoot", which is similar to a table tennis bat and is a hand-held tool. The tutor uses the tool in conjunction with a standardized set of techniques to treat the patient's spinal pain.
“Compared with Western medicine, modern Chinese medicine works better in some fields. If equipped with standardized instruments and techniques, it is easier for patients to accept.” Song Chunxi said that primary competition depends on products, intermediate competition relies on technology, and advanced competition relies on standardization. "Today, the recognition of Chinese medicine in foreign countries is getting higher and higher, and it is gradually emerging. The innovative concept of standardization is also applicable to the domestic market."